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Puppie Love Bootleg Shirts

All you Puppie Lovers out there know what Puppie Love™ is about: saving, rescuing and loving our best friends in the world. We do it genuinely, we do it authentically and we do it with the cutest logo ever put on a t-shirt. That’s why it breaks our hearts to find out that there are some nefarious individuals out there looking to profit off our good name. Puppie Love™ donates to worthy dog rescue operations around the country based on the sales of our clothing and accessories that features our top pup. We have to come to learn that someone is copying our logo and making their own t-shirts with an obvious imitation of the Puppie Love™ logo, all the way down to the leash in the mouth! For shame!

How can you spot a fake? First off, the words Puppie Love™ are always a part of the logo. This forger is using other verbiage on his or her shirt. The other obvious differences are in the logo copy. To the untrained eye, you might not see the difference, but to Puppie Love™, it’s the difference between a puppie and a full-grown doggie. The forger made their dog longer and he doesn’t bend his neck up as much our little guy.

So, stay far away from this sad imitation, nothing of which is flattering, at all. Besides the hard work and considerable investment put into making the Puppie Love™ logo as stinkin’ cute as possible, we don’t know how much in donation dollars has been lost to these scammers. Unfortunately, the dog rescue operations we support across the country are the ones ultimately getting hurt.

We are unsure as to how many other shop shelves these shirts have made their way on, so please spread the word and don’t buy fake Puppie Love™ shirts. Additionally, please let us know when you see forgeries. Take a picture and send it to us! We cannot assume the store owners have any knowledge of these fakes so we’ll communicate with the store owners if we hear from you about it.

Thanks again for supporting the real Puppie Love™!


Pictures of the knock-offs:



We were just on St Thomas, UVSI. Visited Mountain Top and they were selling the fake versions there. I only know today because I bought one of them and decided to Google the info and found your info regarding the fakes. As a result, I’ve submitted an order for a few shirts so that I have the real ones and some $$ go to the rescues.


Dec 23, 2018

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