Rescuing dogs from harmful and cruel conditions may be the right thought to have for most people. However, for the team at PuppieLove it is more than just a thought, it is one of their abiding business principles. 

From the sale of their cute PuppieLove dog tee-shirts, they donate 10% of the profits to animal rescue centers and organizations. Buying a dog tee-shirt to support a rescue dogs cause and you benefit from a cute tee-shirt. Actually rescuing a dog can bring even more benefits; for you and for the dog:

You’ll Have Saved a Dog’s Life

It is estimated that around one million dogs of adoption ages are put to sleep every year in the United States because no new owners can be found for them. This number could be drastically reduced if more people adopted a rescue dog rather than buy a new pet.

Adopting a rescue dog will save its life but you will benefit too. You’ll have a wonderful new addition to your family and you will have the immense satisfaction of knowing you saved a life.

You'll Get a Fantastic Pet

Dog rescue shelters are packed out with happy and healthy dogs eagerly awaiting a new home. Most pets have ended up in the center because of circumstances totally nothing to do with the animal, like relocation, divorce, new baby etc. Many of the dogs are already house trained and are accustomed to living with people, so you will have none of the hassles of training a new puppy in these.

You’ll Save Money

To make adoption more appealing to new owners, the majority of rescue center dogs will come spayed or neutered, be vaccinated and possibly even be micro-chipped as part of the adoption cost. Getting this done for a new dog, especially a pedigree, could leave a fairly big hole in your pocket.

You’ll Have Top Bragging Rights.

You’ll love your new rescue dog and you will feel an immense sense of pride when you strike up a conversation with other dog owners when out walking. When you tell them that you and and your dog are so attached because you saved its life, you cannot imagine the sense of pride you will feel.

You’ll Save Your Home From a Lot of Pain

Many rescue dogs will arrive at your home fully house trained. Stained carpets, scratched wood and ripped curtains are part and parcel of getting a new puppy. Giving a rescue dog a new home is likely to leave your home looking new for longer.

You’ll Be helping More Than One Dog

Save just one dog from the rescue center and you will benefit others too by taking just a little bit of work off the staff and burden off the organization. Creating a little more space might allow another dog to survive for a few more days or weeks and get a new owner in that time. Also, the money you pay for your rescue dog helps fund the center. They need people to rescue dogs so that the center can survive itself.

Whatever your thoughts about getting a rescue dog instead of a new puppy, we hope that highlighting these benefits of rescuing a dog for you and the dog are now more clear.

Even if rescuing a dog is not on your agenda just yet, you can still help these wonderful animals either directly or by purchasing one of the delightful PuppieLove dog tee-shirts. Every purchase guarantees that a rescue dog somewhere will benefit.