Baltimore, MD. August 2nd, 2018.

As many of you know, the sales of our Puppie Love™ branded items raise money that goes to noble ventures across the country. The more publicity we can get these organizations, the more donations they’ll receive, the more fosters they’ll recruit, and volunteers to assist.

Without further delay, we’d like to introduce Remo’s Rescue in Carthage, Mississippi! Carthage is a city in Leake County and about 55 miles northeast of Jackson. Remo’s has been collecting abandoned dogs so quickly they often run out of space to house these lovable kids until they get a home. Nevertheless, they are relentless and try to get every dog that comes in their door a forever home.

Last month they found homes for their rescues in New Jersey and Indiana. Once you really find Carthage on the map, you’ll see what a tribute that is to the power of social media and the hard-working folks at Remo’s Rescue.

But the work never stops, and a rescued dog has specific, immediate needs. Whenever Remo’s Rescue needs to transport a dog to another state, they need donations of carriers and a volunteer that will actually drive the dog. Quite often when their dogs come to then, they’re often malnourished and require veterinarian assistance. Every dollar helps but Remo’s Rescue requires resources.

That’s why we at Puppie Love are donating $4,000 to help maintain Remo’s Rescue operations so the abandoned dogs of Mississippi can get a second chance at a great life, no matter where their hero lives. For more information about Remo’s Rescue, their Facebook page ( is their most active communication line. You’ll find their success stories and probably a few friends that could use a good home. Please do what you can to help Remo’s Rescue!

A special shout out to Stacey Stanford for nominating such a wonderful organization!


  • GERALDINE Perrin: February 08, 2021
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    I now have 2 puppies that came from Remo’s. We are there new forever home where they are now a part of our family. We live in Northern Virginia thank you for making them available to us.

  • Stacey Stanford : August 13, 2018
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    Thank you so much for helping out Remo’s Rescue!!! We are so grateful for all they do for our Mississippi pups! Thank you Kari and Jennifer!

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