Puppie Love is a proud supporter of organizations like American Humane. Last week, Puppie Love donated $5,000 to help cover expenses, as American Humane facilitated the reunion of retired Military Working Dog Akim and Senior Airman Jenna, Akim’s former handler and best friend. This donation was made possible by YOU and our best-selling Military Working Pup Tee!

After nearly a year apart, Akim ran into SrA Jenna’s loving arms in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Uniquely qualified in detection and patrol, Akim was paired with SrA Jenna in 2020. They served in South Korea, patrolling the air base, searching vehicles at the gates, and training with the Republic of Korea Air Force Special Forces. In Nov 2021, they were forced to part ways.

While serving, Akim had a near-death experience after accidentally swallowing a bee and suffering from an extreme allergic reaction. SrA Jenna leaped into action as Akim went into anaphylactic shock, picking up the 70lb dog and running to the veterinarian on base. Thanks to her quick action, Akim survived. SrA Jenna spent the next 2 days by his side and even slept with him in his kennel to keep him company. From that day forward, SrA Jenna always had an EpiPen on hand.

Tragically, Akim lost his eyesight when resuscitated and in recovery. He eventually regained some vision and was able to perform his duties on base again, but it never fully returned. This unfortunate incident formed an unbreakable bond between Akim and SrA Jenna, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. SrA Jenna knew she wanted to be the one to give him a forever home when he finished his years of service.

MWD Akim traveled more than 6k miles from South Korea to New Mexico, where his best friend was patiently waiting. Along the way, Akim stopped to take in new sights! He particularly loved watching the sunset at Grand Canyon National Park in AZ.

MWD Akim is home at last, and SrA Jenna plans to reward Akim in his retirement by doing all the things he may have missed out on while working – traveling, swimming, fishing and having fun! Akim will get the retirement he deserves, alongside the person who loves him most.

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