Puppie Love® Helps Rescue Dogs.

When you want to help rescue dogs, don’t buy a copycat product.

   Thanks to great customers like yourself, Puppie Love® has been able to make close to $200,000 in cash and product donations to over thirty animal shelters and rescue organizations. However, due to our popularity, many copycat brands have emerged in the marketplace. These copycats or “parasitic brands” try to get as close as they can to imitating our original product name and design without crossing “legal” boundaries.  Sometimes they do cross the line, and we aggressively attempt to get them to stop using our legal remedies. The name Puppie Love®, our dog shape with the leash in its mouth, and our heart shaped paw print are all federally registered trademarks of Puppie Love, LLC.  Even with federal trademark protection, many other companies try to make products that look similar to our original designs and feed off the popularity of our established brand. They generally try to get a piece of our market by selling lesser quality products at lower prices. When this happens, not only are customers confused and can mistakenly buy an inferior product, but ultimately Puppie Love® can not donate as much money to help rescue dogs. 

   So, please always look for original Puppie Love products.  Puppie Love® products always have our logo with the ®  trademark symbol, always spell Puppie with an “IE” ending and always have our label printed in the neck or have an identifying hangtag. Puppie Love® never uses iron-on transfers to make t-shirts in the store. If you are unsure about the authenticity of the product, ask the store owner if it is an authentic Puppie Love® product or feel free to contact us by phone at 410-633-0309 or by email at orders@puppielove.com 

   While we love cats as much as dogs, we don’t love COPYCATS.