Baltimore, MD. September 28th, 2018.

Hurricane Florence was a powerful hurricane that caused excessive damage to the eastern coast of the United States. The storm specifically targeted North and South Carolina. The widespread flooding and tornadoes lead to a total of $38 billion in damages and unfortunately 48 lives lost.

As many know, with extreme flooding and mandatory evacuations, many animals are displaced from their owners. Animals were discovered to be in flooding cages, attempting to seek shelter, and some stranded-on porches.

Puppie Love™ released a t-shirt on September 19th featuring the signature Puppie in rainboots, a rainhat, and a life ring around it’s cute but chubby tummy.  With the incredible sales and support we received from the release of this shirt, we are able to donate more than expected to 2 worthy organizations; one being the Colonial Capital Humane Society.

Colonial Capital Humane Society is operated on 100% volunteer power. Their mission is to rescue and relieve the suffering of abused, abandoned, and stray animals; provide for their care until forever homes can be found; and create greater public awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering and humane treatment of animals.

Colonial Capital Humane Society is located in New Bern, NC. This area was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Florence. The town is located on the coastal side of NC, a little less than 100 miles north of Wilmington. The downtown area was reportedly completely underwater. With this being said, Colonial Capital Humane Society held an additional 125 animals during the hurricane! This is a lot for a small shelter with limited capacity.

 Puppie Love™ will be donating $2000 from the sale of our shirts to this shelter!

We thank our customers for making this donation a possibility! We also thank our customers for nominating this amazing organization to support.

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  • Samantha Manning: December 20, 2018
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    I volunteer with Colonial Capital Humane Society and I would like to say thank you again! The first few days after the storm were just a blur, we weren’t turning away any pets that needed us! We took in both dogs & cats from a shelter in another county that was destroyed by the hurricane! In the weeks to come our volunteers are still working tirelessly to find these pets families. THANK YOU PUPPIE LOVE you helped us tremendously with your donation and that’s why I love this brand! If anyone would like to meet our adoptable pets please visit or website

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