Baltimore, MD.  March 28, 2017.  

Live Oak Brand, a national clothing manufacturer based in Baltimore, MD has agreed to become a corporate partner with Puppie Love, a new on-line clothing retailer. The founders of Puppie Love have a passion for puppies and dogs of all ages.  They have always been interested in the idea of helping dog rescues. Learning more about stray dogs and dog shelters, their heartstrings were pulled so hard that they felt they must do something to help. So Puppie Love was formed.

In the United States alone, over 3 million dogs enter animal shelters each year and almost 700,000 of them are euthanized. While this number has recently been decreasing thanks to the efforts of many great organizations, Puppie Love wants to help even more. 10% of profits will be donated directly to shelters to help rescuers defray the costs of adoption. Puppie Love founder, Ali Pfeifer, states, “Dog adoptions can still be expensive when you factor in veterinarian bills and licenses. If we can help with these costs, we think more dogs will be adopted.”

The initial offerings from Puppie Love will be T-shirts and hats with their very cute logo showing a dog with a leash in its mouth literally asking to be adopted.

Ali told us, “We are excited to partner with Live Oak Brand. Not only will they financially support us during our start-up period, but they can provide the manufacturing capabilities and marketing expertise that we need. They already have adorable dog designs in their line which we will carry in our store as well.”

With a great idea, a great cause, and a strong partner, we ask that you join us in our mission to help every dog find a loving and caring home.


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