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January 5th, 2019

The state of Alabama has one of the highest dog euthanasia rates in the county. Due to these high rates, the shelters are overwhelmed with animals. HASRA (Heart of Alabama: Save, Rescue, Adopt) is a 501-c3 non-profit rescue organization that is working tirelessly to help reduce these euthanasia rates and find these pups a forever home. HASRA takes in dogs that would typically end up in animal control facilities. It is sometimes the hardest cases that are the most important, and HASRA welcomes these cases with open arms. “HASRA is committed to continuing [their] support of North Alabama animal shelters and to help save as many un-housed animals as possible. With the help of many cooperating rescues, the animals [they] save become loving companions for humans all over the country. [They] value the life of every precious animal who comes to [them] and have always made a concentrated effort to save animals that would otherwise have little to no change of survival” (

HASRA was introduced to us through YOU ALL! Many nominations and overwhelming community support for this organization made it clear that this is a deserving rescue. Puppie Love is donating $5000 to help HASRA take in these tough cases, because EVERY DOG deserves a chance.

Teresa, one of the board members at HASRA, shared two amazing stories about their recent rescue cases. Check them out below!


This is Chance.
Chance had his legs wired to a board and was stuffed down in an aquarium, then left on the side of a rural county road. A passerby saw him and took him to the local animal shelter. Chance was paralyzed, had mange and intestinal parasites. The shelter called HASRA to see if we wanted to try to save him, and of course, we said yes. The first day I saw him, I thought to myself that this was one that we wouldn’t be able to save. He was barely alive, but after vet care and lots of love, a spark returned to his eyes. I saw this baby 3 days later and I couldn’t believe it, but I knew that he had the will to live. He started barking and showing a little spunk. He had a long way to go, but we were all willing to do whatever it took. After he started regaining his strength, we got him a set of wheels. Wow! He took off running instantly. We were all crying, it was such an emotional moment. His paralysis was permanent, but that doesn’t slow him down at all. We were very lucky and found a wonderful rescue in Arizona that takes in handicapped dogs. He has become a permanent resident there and spends his time as a therapy dog. He visits those who need encouragement and is an inspiration to us all. Oh and I have to mention, he lives on a golf course and his favorite thing in the world to do is chase a ball.

Want to see more of what Chance is up to? Check out his Facebook Page Here: CHANCE’S SECOND CHANCE



This is Zoie. She had been left for dead in the woods terribly thin. She had leg tissue and bones exposed. Amy [from HASRA] arrived at the scene and saw that the pup was nothing but sweet even though she had been terribly mistreated. HASRA took in Zoie and treated her injuries while helping her feel safe. A foster home was arranged before Warrior Dog Rescue [in Minnesota] agreed to take Zoie to Minnesota to find her a loving forever home. After Zoie’s first vet checkup in Minnesota, there came quite a surprise….Zoie was pregnant!! It was not apparentat all since Zoie was so thin, but as she regained strength and gained weight, it became evident. The vet confirmed their were at least five healthy heartbeats and that she would give birth in just a few short weeks!!!!

UPDATE: Last week Zoie had her babies. Another surprise came when Zoie gave birth to 8 puppies instead of just five! Mom and all her babies are doing wonderfully and as you can see in the photo below, Zoie is beaming with joy while her wounds continue to heal. She is going to be an amazing mama!


THANK YOU HASRA for everything you do for our furry friends in need. THANK YOU to all of our customers for making this donation possible. Your purchase helps dogs like Chance and Zoie, and we cannot be more grateful for your support. To learn more about HASRA (Heart of Alabama: Save, Rescue, Adopt) and how you can help check out their information below!






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