Baltimore, MD

January 11th, 2020

Wings of Love, Kuwait is a volunteer-run, nonprofit dog rescue organization that was founded in 2015. This amazing organization is local to us at Puppie Love, as they are based out of Baltimore, MD!!! Wings of Love, Kuwait is a unique organization, because they bring pups in need to the US from Kuwait to find their forever homes.

Why Kuwait?

In Kuwait, it has become almost “trendy” to import and own very high-end exotic breed dogs. Most owners are not researching the pups, but rather purchasing them online like a designer hand bag. Breeds like Huskeys, Caucasians, and Tibetan Mountain Dogs are among some of the “designer” breeds that are commonly purchased in Kuwait. Most of these dogs need extensive training and A LOT of exercise. Once the novelty of a new puppy wears off and the owners leave for their summer vacations, the dogs are thrown out on the street, or left for dead in the desert. Kuwait’s sweltering desert temperatures leaves little chance of survival for most pups. While this is the case in many other countries, the situation is especially horrific in Kuwait. The animal control efforts from the government are inhumane and plain disgusting as there are no official shelters in Kuwait. The solution in Kuwait is to either leave out rat poison or shoot the dogs.

Wings of Love, Kuwait has individuals living in Kuwait that rescue these dogs, provide compassion, medical care, training, and a place to live. These individuals work with the staff here in the US to try to get as many dogs to the states as possible so they have a chance of survival.

Jennifer from Wings of Love, Kuwait shared a recent story about Shenzi with us. Shenzi was one of the pups brought over from Kuwait. He has a broken leg that never healed correctly causing his A LOT of pain. With our donation, Wings of Love Kuwait is going to give Shenzi the surgery he needs as well as other dogs in similar situations. After hearing the news of the Puppie Love donation, Shenzi was ADOPTED!!!!

Because of our amazing customers, Shenzi is able to get the surgery he needs and go to his forever home with his amazing new owner, Jim! Jim loves him and he said he couldn’t imagine his life without him now.

THANK YOU Wings of Love, Kuwait for everything you do for our furry friends in need. THANK YOU to all of our customers for making this donation possible. Your purchase helps dogs like Shenzi and we cannot be more grateful for your support. To learn more about Wings of Love, Kuwait and how you can help check out their information below!





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