Baltimore, MD. Feb 15th, 2019.

This winter has proved to be one of the coldest yet. In some cities, the weather has proved to be life-threatening with extreme windchills and subzero temperatures. While extreme temperatures have proved dangerous for humans, we have to remember all of our furry friends that are in danger as well! We are spreading the Puppie Love® to a place that had record-breaking, historic low temperatures at the end of January, Chicago! Chicago temps fell down to a negative 23 degrees and remained below zero for 52 hours straight! We here at Puppie Love® felt that we needed to help so our friends at Crimson Ridge, a boutique in Rockford, IL, pointed us in the right direction…to Paws Humane Society, also located in Rockford, IL.

Paws Humane Society was founded in 1988 as a spay/neuter assistance operation. They have grown into a full-service humane society, even reaching into the public-school systems to educate future animal owners! The organization has 3 major programs: adoption, spay/neuter, and education! In 2018, Paws facilitated 640 adoptions and 1841 spay/neuter programs. They also provide a newsletter named the Kind News to over 300 area classrooms. This periodical educates future animal owners on the humane care of animals. Educating the community can lead to a decline in animal surrenders in the future, which is just as important as saving these animals! Paws also holds the No-Kill recommended status!

Sue Golan, Board President of Paws Humane Society, shared some recent rescue/adoption stories with us! Check out Alana(for the Kittie Kittie lovers) and Kelli’s stories below 😊

“Kelli is a dog we took in after she was found wandering in the Belvidere Walmart parking lot one rainy day. She was filthy and confused. Someone must have abandoned Kelli there and she was blind. There was not a sweeter dog on earth so it is so upsetting to know she was treated so poorly. Kelli had to have one eye removed and the other is treated with eye drops. She is a healthy, happy girl that loves her doggy sister, goes everywhere and is so loved in her Forever Home!”

“A recent adoption involved Alana.  She was found begging to get into homes during the coldest day of the "winter vortex".  We don't know how Alana ended up outside but she certainly didn't belong there.  She is a super sweet front declawed girl who was desperate to find warmth and safety.  After we claimed Alana, she only had to wait a few days to be adopted into a loving home!  We were so glad her wait was short. We hope that the other cats brought in to our rescue during this record cold period also find homes quickly....”

We want to thank one of our customers, Crimson Ridge, for nominating this amazing organization! If you live in the Rockford, IL area, you need to check out Crimson Ridge for the newest in Puppie Love® apparel and accessories! You will be shopping in a one of a kind Puppie Love® life-size dog house (see below)!


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  • Lindsay Ponto : September 02, 2019
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    I found a little pop up stand at the Maryland state fair and absolutely fell in love with this organization. You guys rock for helping so many animals!!

  • Jessyca Jordan : August 25, 2019
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    Hi, I love your mission, your products and your kindness. Thank you for all you do to help the animals!!!

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