Baltimore, MD. December 20th, 2018.

Hurricane Michael was one of the most intense Atlantic hurricanes to meet land in the United States. The storm hit Mexico and the Florida panhandle between October 8th – October 16th. By October 28th, 60 deaths had been attributed to Hurricane Michael and it caused $14.58 billion in damages.

In an effort to help the many shelters and rescue groups affected by the Hurricane, Puppie Love®  created a shirt to raise money for our furry friends in need! Many of you know, Puppie Love’s mission is to facilitate dog adoptions by donating 10% of net profits to animal shelters and rescue organizations. All proceeds from the sale of this particular shirt were donated to two organizations affected by Hurricane Michael. We asked for nominations from our customers, and we received more nominations and support than we could imagine!

The first organization receiving $1,000 is The Lucky Puppy. The Lucky Puppy is a non-profit rescue organization that was founded in 2008 in Panama City. The organization was formed in an effort to change the luck of rescue dogs forever. They work with the community, other shelters, and rescue groups to restore the health of the dogs that are placed with them. They tend to their physical health with veterinary care and prevent further overpopulation by spaying and neutering. Their setting (125 acre family farm) tends to their emotional needs, by providing a pack family that will socialize them.

During Hurricane Michael, The Lucky Puppy’s Foster House was hit hard. Structures took on water and wind damage, and the secure fencing that kept the pups safe was completely demolished. They were able to relocate all the animals from this location to keep them safe. They are working to construct new housing for all the displaced animals!

The location, also lost power, which means no running water. The creative minds at The Lucky Puppy used their bus (yes, a school bus now used for transportation) to help them power a well to offer clean fresh water to their pups!

Puppie Love® is donating $1000 to this amazing organization in an effort to help them rebuild from Hurricane Michael!


Read more about the organization and how you can help at: