Baltimore, MD. January 9th, 2018

This month Puppie Love® is donating $5,000 to the Central PA Humane Society! The Central PA Humane Society (CPHS) serves Blair and surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania. They are a charitable, non-profict 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to helping animals and people. The primary goal of CPHS is to find loving homes for adoptable animals. The designation of “no-kill” can be applied to any shelter that euthanizes less than 10 percent of their animals a year, for reasons of health and temperament. CPHS has met this designation and has provided a safe haven and forever homes to more than 90% of animals that enter their facility. CPHS has adoption programs, partners with rescue groups, and also uses foster care to help as many animals as they can! CPHS won’t euthanize for illness that can be treated, behavior that can be modified, or for length of stay, providing there is quality of life for the pet. Below are some stories from some of the animals from the shelter!


Hi, My Name is Buddy!

I had quite the year last year! It was a lonely and painful beginning, but thanks to the wonderful work of the Central PA Humane Society, I now have the best ahead of me.

It all started last winter when my family didn’t want me anymore. I really don’t know why; I try hard to be a good boy. They tied me outside, hidden in the backyard, and abandoned me with no food, water or shelter. I barked and cried from hunger for what seemed like forever until someone heard me and called the CPHS Humane Officer to help me. No one knew I was back there. As you can see in my photo I was very weak from starvation. I only weighed 66 pounds. The veterinarian at the shelter was so kind and helped doctor me back to health.   

After many weeks of medical care from the awesome staff and volunteers, I was running around and playing with toys again. Something was still missing. I wanted a family to call my own. Then one day it happened. A family came in and wanted to foster me back to health and ready for adoption. A couple of weeks later they told me, I was home! I never knew how wonderful life could be.I now get to sleep in a warm house every night filled with love and attention, but best of all, a full tummy!

Can you all help all of my friends at the shelter so they can also find happiness like me.

Many Tail Wags in Thanks 

Love Your Friend,




Hi, I'm Lincoln!

I have a very big wish this year. I wish for you to help spread the word that all of my friends at the Central PA Humane Society needs your help!

I spent a lot of time at the shelter this year getting treated for a skin condition that almost killed me. It all started when I was found as a stray and dropped off at the CPHS. The kind Veterinarian showed me such compassion, and tried to help me stop itching. I scratched day and night. I couldn’t even sleep. As you can see my fur was gone, and my skin was raw and infected. They tried everything to help me but to my dismay, nothing worked.

Soon the Vet was out of medications to try, and decided that a skin graph was in need. I was miserable and in so much pain. The cost was the problem, but it was the last resort to find an answer. I’m happy to say it worked!  It was a food allergy all along. Just take a look at me now. My new family loves me so much, and I truly couldn’t be happier. I thank everyone for their kindness at the CPHS for not giving up on me. Without the financial support of the community, I wouldn’t be here.

Won’t you please help my friends at the shelter to be as happy as I am by making a donation? There would be a lot of tail wags in thanks if you do.




Learn more about this amazing organization on their Website, Facebook, and Instagram at the links below 😊




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