Saturday September 4th, 2021. Baltimore, MD

Puppie Love®’s next donation of $5,000 is going to American Humane in Washington, DC. American Humane is a non-profit organization that has been promoting the welfare and safety of animals for over 100 years! Since 1877 they have been the first to serve, wherever animals need rescue, shelter, protection, or security. And yes, wherever means wherever! Their efforts to save all animals are not limited by zip code, state, nor continent! American Humane originally rescued and cared for 68,000 horses EVERY month after deploying first responders to Europe during World War I. Over time, they have responded to national disasters such as Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Dorian, the COVID19 pandemic, and most recently, Hurricane Ida. ( 

American Humane seems to be involved in just about everything! From Animal Rescue, to Military Initiatives, monitoring animal actors in Hollywood, and their efforts in conservation and preventing extinction, American Humane is driven to help all animals.

Today, we are particularly honoring all the brave veterans and service dogs that have fought courageously on the battlefield for our country. American Humane has been working with the U.S. military for over a century. They have fought hard to help military working dogs be reunited with their former handlers by raising funds for their transport home.

American Humane’s Pups4Patriots™ Program is devoted to rescuing shelter dogs and training them to be service dogs for veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress, and Brain Injuries. Highly specialized training is required for these service dogs, which tends to drive a hefty bill.  American Humane provides these dogs to veterans for free. They also award grants to veterans for the continued care of these service dogs.

There is no doubt that the connection between animals and humans is a miraculous bond. We cannot thank American Humane enough for their tremendous efforts to strengthen this bond even further.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued support of Puppie Love®. Without you, this donation would not be possible.


Below is a photo from American Humane's Facebook Page, showing Diana and her service pup Sam! 

"The rough days when I couldn’t get myself up and moving don’t happen anymore with Sam always there to help me through it."
- Diane a recent Pups4Patriots™ graduate.

Below is a video from American Humane’s Youtube Channel, featuring a retired Military Working Dog being reunited with his former veteran handler.

Below is a video from American Humane's Youtube Channel, detailing their Pups4Patriots™ Program. 

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