Baltimore, MD. August 31st, 2018

You may not have heard of the town of Florence, Alabama, but if you’re a fan of classic R&B, you know exactly what Florence is near. Just recently, we lost the great Aretha Franklin, one of the most soulful singers of any music genre, and she made her bones very close to Florence in the FAME Studios of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, directly across the Tennessee River from Florence. If that doesn’t ring any bells, go buy some Aretha Franklin records! Anyway, Florence is just a few miles south of the Tennessee border in the northeast corner of the state.

While we here at Puppie Love™ are big fans of R&B music and the Muscle Shoals sound, we’re bigger fans of what’s happening in Florence. The Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter (FLAS) serves the town of Florence and surrounding Lauderdale County, which means that all the stray, abandoned and surrendered pets go the FLAS where they are ultimately placed in foster or forever homes.

This, friends, is no small task! In 2016, the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter helped “rehome” 2,124 animals and the need for help in 2018 is as great as ever. Just a few weeks ago, FLAS shut its doors voluntarily to clean the facility, but mostly to ease the pressure of having 250 animals, nearly twice as many dogs and cats as they had space to house. The strategy worked, and they were able to place nearly 60% of the animals, bringing their current totals to below capacity.

Still, the need for volunteers and families looking to adopt is always the most urgent. We heard about the pressure on the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter from our friends at Martin's Department Store, and we just couldn’t jump in fast enough to help. We are donating $1,000 to help promote FLAS in the city and county and to get them volunteers, foster homes and adopters so we don’t have another situation where there are too many doggies and kitties in the house. Wakefield’s has been so good to Puppie Love™, if you live in central Alabama, please support them!


The goal at Puppie Love™ is to facilitate dog adoptions and rescues by selling our t-shirts and accessories! Please visit our online store to help ensure the well-being of puppies and kitties everywhere!z



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