Baltimore, MD. September 5, 2017. 

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on Texas and particularly Houston and its surrounding area. The storm dumped four feet of rain in four days. 450 square miles of land was under water. Billions of dollars in damage, thousands of families displaced, many fatalities, untold misery and heartbreak are all the results of this storm of Biblical proportions.  Among the smallest victims of Harvey are the thousands of pets left homeless or lost. Some animals ran off during the frightening chaos, while others were left behind as families found themselves unable to care for their pets as they tried to stay alive themselves.  In an effort to help, Puppie Love™ will donate $5,000.00 to the Friends For Life animal shelter in Houston, Texas. 

Founded in June of 2002, Friends For Life has been offering a “No-Kill” alternative to the traditionally run shelters in Houston. In 2012, they became the only LEED certified No-Kill animal shelter in Texas. Not only are they rescuing animals, their “Green” building provides a healthier environment for the animals and employees. They truly are a “Shelter of the future.”

Friends For Life has been working around the clock taking in displaced animals and pets from other shelters that were devastated by the storm. Puppie Love™ is happy to make a contribution that will allow them to continue to do even more great work in this very difficult situation. Please visit to learn more about this great organization.


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