Baltimore, MD. September 20th 2018.

Hurricane Florence was a powerful hurricane that caused excessive damage to the eastern coast of the United States. The storm specifically targeted North and South Carolina. A state of emergency was declared on September 7th for most Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic States. 3 days later, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia ordered a mandatory evacuation for some of their coastal communities. The storm continued to dump heavy rain along these areas over a 2-3-day period. This caused widespread flooding and tornadoes leading to a total of $38 billion in damages and unfortunately 48 lives lost.

As many know, with extreme flooding and mandatory evacuations, animals are not always the first to be saved. Local rescuers and nationwide donors worked to aid many pets that had been left by their owners or alongside their owners. Some out of state rescuers drove to North and South Carolina to help evacuate animals and bring them to other states. Animals were discovered to be in flooding cages, attempting to seek shelter, and some stranded-on porches.

With all the devastating damage, Puppie Love™ wanted to step in and help! Puppie Love™ released a t-shirt on September 19th featuring the signature Puppie in rainboots, a rainhat, and a life ring around it’s cute but chubby tummy.  With the announcement of the shirt, Puppie Love™ mentioned that they will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the shirt to organizations affected by the hurricane.

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