Baltimore, MD. July 31, 2017.  

As Puppie Love™, a new apparel company, is expanding rapidly and raising more money than ever to donate to animal shelters to facilitate dog rescues.  This month the company will donate $5,000.00 to the Charleston Animal Society in Charleston, SC. 

    Founded in 1874, Charleston Animal Society became the first animal organization in South Carolina and one of the first in the country that has never turned away a local animal. Their vision is one where all animals are treated with respect and kindness. They envision a world where cruelty is not tolerated. Charleston Animal Society is recognized as a national model in animal shelter excellence. Their leaders have presented numerous conferences and seminars helping others to join them in helping animals.  They will impact the lives of over 17,000 animals in a given year. Puppie Love™ is glad to help them achieve their mission!

    On November 18th, Puppie Love™ will be a proud military sponsor of the 18th Annual Chili Cook Off & Oyster Roast for Charleston Animal Society. Here, they will continue to spread the love by providing 50 tickets to military families in the local area and supporting Toby’s Fund. The medical fund for animals that come in injured, sick and abused to Charleston Animal Society.

   Ali Pfeifer, co-founder of Puppie Love™, is a graduate of University of South Carolina and her company has strong business ties in the state. One of her customers is Palmetto Moon, a leading retailer of specialty gifts and Southern lifestyle apparel. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, Palmetto Moon has partnered with Puppie Love™ and carries all of their products in its twelve locations.  “Thanks to the strong support of Palmetto Moon and other great retailers throughout the state, South Carolina has help put Puppie Love™on the map,” stated Miss Pfeifer. “So we are happy to make our next donation to the Charleston Animal Society to help them continue their great work.”