Baltimore, MD. August, 9th 2018. 

August is a busy time of year in the East for dog parties, and one of the best is going down on in Pennsylvania on the 25th.

 If you live in York County, or any of the surrounding counties – Baltimore, Carroll or Harford – and you haven’t yet been to Dogs’ Day in the Park and the famous Mutt Strutt in New Freedom, PA, consider yourself invited! It’s one of the biggest fundraisers we’ve ever seen for one of the best and longest running rescue operations in the country.

 The entire day is a fundraiser for Animal Rescue Inc., located in New Freedom.  Fundraising and ticket sales have already started, but the main event happens Saturday, August 25, in the center of town at Marge Goodfellow Park. Pets and parents are welcome to walk or run the 1-mile Mutt Strutt around the park (rumor has it is that there are prizes for the best strutters) with the main Dogs’ Day activities to follow. Don’t be late as the Mutt Strutt starts at 9 am sharp.

 Along with the games, food and raffles going on all day at the park, there will be more than 100 vendors at Dogs’ Day, all helping raise needed funds for Animal Rescue Inc. Of course, Puppie Love™ is getting into this fundraising scene, as we’re donating $500 worth of merchandise to the event to be auctioned at Dogs’ Day! All of those proceeds will go directly to Animal Rescue Inc.’s Sanctuary for Life

 Located only a few miles from Marge Goodfellow Park, Animal Rescue Inc., has been helping rescue dogs and cats for more than 40 years! They operate under one solemn pledge: any animal that comes into the Sanctuary will never be homeless again. This requires a little bit of space, ample medical facilities and resources, but the overhead is worth the mission. Which is why Dogs’ Day and the Mutt Strutt are such a big deal to this community and to us at Puppie Love™. They are continuing winners of the Best in America Seal of Excellence, honoring charitable outfits that operate at the highest standards.

 For all of you that live in Baltimore, York or Harrisburg, pack the pooch and head down (or up) to New Freedom in a couple of weeks and do some good for an organization you can be proud supporting. It’s a perfect place to win yourself some Puppie Love™ swag!

Check out their website for more details on the event !



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