Thursday April 18th. Baltimore, MD.

On the morning of March 26, we learned of the fatal and devastating collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland. As a Baltimore-based company, this tragedy is close to our hearts here at Puppie Love. Within hours of the news, the Puppie Love Pack stepped up once again, and requested we create the Baltimore Strong line. We got right to work and the Baltimore Strong Pup Tee was added to the Shop four days later. While our customers loved this shirt, you made it clear that you wanted even more ways to support the Maryland community and six families affected by this disaster. So, on April 2 the Baltimore Strong Pup was expanded into a full collection to include even more options! We also teamed up with our sister brands Kittie Kittie Rescue and Wear Maryland to maximize our fundraising. Within just two and a half weeks, we are amazed to share that you all have raised an incredible amount of $25,000 to be donated to the Key Bridge Emergency Response Fund!

We cannot believe how much the Puppie Love Pack stepped up from all corners of the nation, to support this cause. We feel so grateful to have such caring and generous customers and we are so proud of the dog-loving community we’ve built together! From everyone here at Puppie Love, thank you for your support and dedication to not only help rescue dogs in need, but to rescue other hurting individuals during times of tragedy. It is truly an amazing thing to witness.

The Key Bridge Emergency Response Fund is a Baltimore City Government backed fundraiser created to support the families of the six transportation workers who lost their lives in the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse. This donation will directly benefit these six Maryland families. We are so proud of our local Pack for standing up in the aftermath of this immense loss, thank you once again for making this possible. 



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