Thursday September 14th, 2023. Baltimore, MD.

The results are in, and we are THRILLED to announce that our Puppie Love Pack has raised another incredible donation! Following the recent Maui wildfires and sale of the Maui Strong Pup Tee, we are able to make our first donation of $43,000 to the Maui Humane Society (MHS)! MHS is the only non-profit open admission animal shelter on the island of Maui. They have been working tirelessly in the face of this tragedy to care for injured animals and reunite families with their lost pets. This donation was only made possible because of YOU, our amazing customers, and the support you’ve shown over the last few weeks!

How did this all come to be? On August 8th, 2023, a brush fire began in Maui’s Upcountry region and grew into a 1,000-acre forest fire. Fueled by the strong winds from Hurricane Dora the wildfire begins moving towards the town of Lahaina closing roads and causing evacuations of schools, neighborhoods, and road closures. With little time to prepare or evacuate the town of Lahaina was devastated. While some citizens attempted to fight back the fire to protect their homes, many were forced to flee into the ocean to avoid the flames. The damage caused to Lahaina is considered one of the worst natural disasters in Hawaii’s history and the nation’s deadliest since 1918. With such little time to prepare thousands of pets were injured and separated from their owners.

Though Puppie Love is not a Hawaiian based company, or associated with MHS, our mission is to help shelters and animals in need, no matter where they are. So, we listened to your calls for help yet again, did what we do best and created a t-shirt to raise funds. But the rest was up to our loyal customers! On August 22nd, 2023, we released the Maui Strong Pup. We had hoped to create a design that would be well-loved and allow us to make a small donation to MHS to support them during this catastrophic time. The hopes of a small donation were quickly squandered. Almost immediately, it became clear that this was going to be one of Puppie Love’s best-selling shirts, allowing for a much larger donation. Because of the loyal support of our customers, $43,000 is being donated to the Maui Humane Society. This is a donation that could not happen without our amazing community. Thank you all for your continued dedication!

Maui Humane Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been servicing the island of Maui since 1953! Their mission is “to protect and save the lives of Maui’s animals, accepting all in need, educating the community, and inspiring respect and compassion towards all animals.” Being the only open admission animal shelter on the island has led to a massive influx of animals in need of help. Due to the severe speed of the fire many owners were separated from their pets with an estimated over 3,000 missing pets. Once first responders had determined the area was safe for animal rescue crews to enter, teams were sent into Lahaina to look for animals in need of medical help. MHS has remained committed to lifesaving & reunification efforts for ALL ANIMALS on the island of Maui. Given the large number of animals in need, MHS has been treating these injured animals while simultaneously working closely with available foster homes and transporting animals once healthy enough. This donation will help MHS treat even more animals and reunite them with their owners. It will also allow for more spay and neuter services, 24/7 animal emergency response care, pet emergency shelter and supplies, and humane education programs.

THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS for your continued commitment to helping Puppie Love’s mission in saving dogs and animals in need! You continue to be the difference we had always dreamed of making every day, and we could not be more grateful.

Finally, thank you to the Maui Humane Society for your continued work to help animals in need and being the voice for those who do not have one.
To learn more about The Maui Humane Society and the amazing work they continue to do, check out their website and social media links below:


Puppie Love Co-Founders (Garrett Pfeifer II, Ali Pfeifer, and Garrett Pfeifer Sr.) with a check for Maui Humane Society.

The following photos were taken from Maui Humane Society's Facebook Page, showing the devastation of the Maui Wildfires and Heroic Rescue efforts by MHS and first responders. 

Actor/Stuntman Branscombe Richmond, a Maui Native, with our Puppie Love Maui Strong Tee!





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