Baltimore, MD. August 2nd, 2018.

Saving the Animals Together is an organization that operates out of Jackson, Tennessee, a town in between things. It’s nearly halfway between Memphis and Nashville as well as dead smack between the Mississippi and Tennessee Rivers.

The mission of S.T.A.T. is to help dogs between two lives: the cruel and neglected past lives that led them to Saving the Animals Together in the first place, and the foster homes that will eventually lead to these dogs’ future forever homes. You can find them at Their finances are 100% transparent and you can see the people behind this amazing operation.

Of course, every rescue facility across the country has its own horror story of dogs that are pushed to the edge by the monstrous behavior of their past owners, but S.T.A.T just recently had three dogs come in with tales so despicable that you’d wish you had five minutes alone with their owners (I think they’re in jail, but that doesn’t make us feel that much better):

  • One dog – nicknamed Bullet - came in after his owner shot him in the face, leaving his vision and hearing impaired. Despite that gruesome abuse, Bullet doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and miraculously, he will eventually recover. 
  • The second dog is Walter. Walter’s previous owner had been unfortunately partaking in some illegal activity, due to this Walter was exposed to the cooking of Methamphetamine's. Walter did lose a lot of hair and contracted melanoma. He is also expected to make a recovery to allow him to live the rest of his life with a wagging tail.
  • The third dog was Sadie (grey and white pictured below), was in a high high kill shelter in such horrible condition. She was skin and bones on the brink of death. She was one of their worst cases. Not only was she starved, but she was high heart worm possible, which for a dog at a normal weight is a hard treatment. She eventually got healthy, and got through treatment. Sadie sadly passed away, more than likely due to the things her body had gone through. She got to grow into such an amazing dog,she got to show us what her whole life should have looked like, playing in the back yard with her girl and getting cuddles and loved one. She was so beyond loved and was such a special girl. She never should her human mom a ounce of pain or discomfort. She was her happy go lucky, beautiful self under her last moment. 

Stories like these break our hearts daily, but S.T.A.T. is a top-notch organization in Jackson. They feature dogs for adoption on one of the local news stations; they host adoption events at the local Petco, and they even have a Pibble Palooza every year to bring awareness and understanding about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds. Plus, they are now opening adoptions to homes across the country.

Saving the Animals Together is a 100% foster-based organization, so they have no administration or building costs. Every dollar allows them to further their mission of finding homes for abandoned dogs in Madison County and beyond. Their success rates, combined with dogs like Bullet and Walter that make their way into S.T.A.T.’s lives, convinced us here at Puppie Love™ to donate $4,000 to their operation.

A special shout out to Sidney Bradenburg for nominating her amazing organization!

This donation is made by Puppie Love™  in memory of Sadie (pictured below).

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  • Holley Wood: August 03, 2018
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    I’m sitting here crying over this right now! As a volunteer with this wonderful organization, I have never worked with a better group of people, and this means so much to all the S.T.A.T. dogs – not to mention the fosters, supporters, and volunteers! Thank you, thank you, thank you – 4000 times!

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