Thursday June 27th. Baltimore, MD.

We are happy to share that our June donation will be going to Bullies-N-Beyond Rescue located in Florida for $5,000! Bullies-N-Beyond (BNB) Rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 based organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of all breeds but close to their hearts are the Bully breeds as we know they are the most misunderstood. They are an all-foster based rescue that rehabilitate and places dogs in forever loving homes. Many of the animals they see have had a very difficult upbringing, were left behind by their owners, abandoned on the street, sent to the local kill shelter, used for bait dogs, etc. Sometimes BNB are the first loving hands that these dogs encounter in their lives. They strive to educate the community and adopters on the importance of spaying and neutering, and believe that’s the only option to control the out-of-control overpopulation in rural areas such a Redlands, FL.

BNB has been in operation for more than a decade and rely heavily on their small group of volunteers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of these beautiful dogs as well as donations from their community. It is no small task taking care of scared and severely injured dogs. Many dogs come to BNB needing emergency care like life-saving surgery. The vet bills associated with this care are often quite high, but BNB does not hesitate to step in and do everything they can for these pups. A quick look at their social media pages shows just how dire some of these situations are. These rescue stories can be difficult to view but it is so important to raise awareness and give these deserving dogs a second chance at life!

 One of those success stories is of Bleu. Bleu, a young Pitty, was found as a stray on the streets of Miami in horrible condition. He was sadly a victim of abuse and dumping. When Bleu was found he was suffering from bite wounds across his body, a deep laceration around his neck extending to the sides, irritation and erythema on his skin, scarring on his sternum, edema and old wounds on both front limbs, among other injuries. Despite all he had endured, he survived and remained the sweetest boy. Bleu was transferred and released to the care and foster team at Bullies-N-Beyond following an investigation with his last known owners. After a few months recovering with BNB, Bleu received his happily-ever-after and was adopted into a loving furever home where he enjoys cuddles, rides in the car, and big yard to run around in. He will never wonder what love feels like again.

When Puppie love reached out to BNB about this donation they replied immediately saying "We have no words to express our gratitude for your kindness. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts."  So thank YOU for being a part of the Puppie Love Pack and helping to save dogs everywhere, just like Bleu.

Thank you to Bullies-N-Beyond for continuing to step up and meet the needs of animals throughout your community through dedicated care, education and conviction.

To learn more about BNB and the amazing work they continue to do, check out their website and social media links below:





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