Tuesday August 8th, 2023. Baltimore, MD

Hey Puppie Love Pack!

Guess what? We have some great news to share. Puppie Love® is giving our next donation to Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch for $5000! This donation gift was made possible because one of our kind customers thought Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch does an amazing job with helping animals, and we completely agree!

At Puppie Love®, we enjoy making cool stuff for people who love dogs. But our favorite thing is being able to give back to incredible organizations like Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch and the people on the ground doing this hard work to advocate for animals in need. It's because of your support and loyalty that we can continue making these donations - it's like one big Puppie Love Pack hug from all of us to them!

We want to tell you a story about a sweet mama pup at Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch. Meet Bea (pics below!), a brave and loving 2-year-old dog who went through some tough times. Bea was expecting puppies, but she was sick with heartworm. It made things very hard for her. She was in a shelter and things weren’t looking good. That's when Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch stepped up and came to Bea's rescue.

Bea found a safe place at the Ranch where she was able to give birth to her puppies, care for them with the help of a few new friends, all while being treated herself and getting healthy again. She was given special medicine and lots of love, as all new mamas should be. Bea and her puppies have since each found new homes with families who love them very much. Bea's story is like a fairy tale – from a tough beginning to a happy ending, all because of the love and care from Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch. We're so happy to be a part of helping animals like Bea!

Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch is also a special kind of group. They don't have a big building – instead, they have kind-hearted people who take care of these animals in need using their own homes. And guess what's even cooler? Today they have saved over 400(!) animals a year and opened a storefront called Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch Resale Shop. A thrift store that pours 100% of their profits right back into animals they serve.

As we celebrate this donation and the great work of Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch, we want you to join us too. Check out all the cool things we have at www.puppielove.com, and don't forget to follow us on social media. Together, we will continue to make a big difference for animals in need and show them how much we care.

Thank you for being on this amazing journey with us and supporting Puppie Love's mission of saving dogs across the globe!

To learn more about Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch, check out their website and social media below:

Website: https://rosemariesrescueranch.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RosemariesRescueRanch/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosemariesrescueranch

Meet Bea!


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