Baltimore, MD. April 17th, 2019

We are bringing the Puppie Love® down to Jackson, MS. The birth of puppies and kitties increases when the weather becomes warmer in most areas, and especially Jackson, MS. One of Puppie Love®’s extremely supportive customer’s, Shoe Station, nominated a rescue near and dear to them, Cheshire Abbey, and we are sending them $5000!

Cheshire Abbey is a 501c3 specializing in managing the fostering and adoption of dogs and other animals in Jackson, MS. Chrissy Cheshire founded Cheshire Abbey in 2011 as a British-themed animal welfare ministry. According to Chrissy, “Cheshire [her last name] is British, and I love [the British] sense of humor. You have to laugh at some point in rescue or you’ll just breakdown. You have to keep humor in your life in some way, and I wanted it to be a ministry, which is how we got abbey.”

Cheshire Abbey is a “group of guys and girls who do what [they] can, when [they] can, to help the animals in need in [their] community” (Cheshire Abbey). Chrissy explains the story of how the abbey was started:

“Right after I’d started the abbey, there was this starving dog, and they said it was the most emaciated dog they’d ever seen on Briarwood. I posted it [on Facebook] and it received 1,000 shares within 3 hours. People from all over the nation were calling in. It snowballed, it went from that dog to 10 more calls ever single day. I was like, ‘I’m never going to get the business plan down. It’s been that way ever since, nonstop. There’s no time to sit down and do anything. It just blew up.”

Chrissy did not choose the life of helping animals, but feels as though she was called to help. It has been 8 years since she founded the organization, and still works 24/7 to help the immense number of stray dogs that are called into her on a daily basis. She tries to do small fundraising to cover the enormous vet bills, food, and necessities. They also are trying to educate the community and change overall legislation. Chrissy states:

“The responsibility of an animal’s needs is in the hands of its owner. The responsibility of animals without owners is in the hands of people in the community. Please help us make positive changes in our community.”

We want to also give a HUGE THANK YOU to Shoe Station for recommending this wonderful organization. Shoe Station is one of the nation’s largest independently-owned shoe retailers, with stores in Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia. You can shop their stores at We want to thank all of Shoe Station’s amazing customers for supporting Puppie Love® and making this donation possible!

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