Baltimore, MD. August 31st, 2018.

Like most shelters around the country, Cheaha Regional Humane Society in Anniford, Alabama, works with regional pet stores to create foster destinations and ultimately help get these dogs and cats adopted. The first three Saturdays of every month, Cheaha goes to the Oxford, AL PetSmart to hit these goals. The volunteers of Cheaha have created their own Facebook page to recruit more volunteers to staff these events and help keep the dogs healthy. That’s how dedicated this organization is to facilitating dog adoption.

Just where is Anniford, Alabama, you might be asking? If the name Talladega means anything to you, Anniford is less than 20 miles to the east of the Speedway, and about two hours to both Tuscaloosa and Auburn (it is college football season, after all).

Just a few weeks ago, Wakefields Department Stores, where you can find plenty of Puppie Love™ shirts, let us know about several shelters in Alabama that need recognition, and Cheaha is definitely one that could use some help! To help Cheaha keep operations running, Puppie Love™ is donating $1,000! Wakefields, of course, is a family-owned department store that has been good to the people of central Alabama for decades! (And of course, good to Puppie Love™!)

Remember, some of the greatest work we can do is never seen, acknowledged or compensated but when it’s all said and done, we know that lives are being saved and actually improved.

Those are words that may be hard to swallow for people living in this world of instant gratification and self-promotion, but for the ladies and gentlemen that volunteer at animal shelters and foster unwanted dogs in the hopes of finding them a forever home, it’s the absolute motivation that keeps them showing up on time to help dogs that may never be their own. They do hero’s work on shoestring budgets and at times, things get crazy when you’re working with animals that have been abused and neglected.

Thanks again to Martin's Family Clothing for nominating this great organization!

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  • Shanon: September 30, 2019
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    Just a small correction…. the Cheaha Humane Society is in Anniston, Al not Anniford.

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