Baltimore, MD. June 20, 2017. 

For the month of June, Puppie Love donated one thousand dollars to the S.D. Gunner Fund.  The SD Gunner Fund was created to assist veterans and disabled children offset the expense of obtaining and maintaining service dogs.

They rescue dogs and train them to become service animals. Their dogs are trained to perform tasks from opening doors to picking up dropped objects as well as be companions. 

Garrett Pfeifer, co-founder, of Puppie Love, stated, “This organization not only rescues animals, but trains them to help out individuals who need them the most, our veterans and children with neurological difficulties. We are happy to send them our second donation. With sales of our shirts increasing , we hope to send bigger checks each month to deserving organizations.”

Please check out the S.D.Gunner Fund at: 

and at their Facebook site


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  • Geraldine Cataffo : December 22, 2020
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    To Garrett Pfeifer
    I have always had praise for your company’s mission and ordered 3 shirts (PL#94674) on 11/27/2020 as Christmas gifts for my granddaughters. My package has been “ in transit” since 12/09/2020. The USPS responded to my inquiry #18754848, stating I should “ arrange for a refund/replacement “ with Puppielove. 12/21/2020 I spoke to “Cheryl” who stated $66.51 would be refunded to my VISA in about 3 days.

    This conversation was followed up by an email from Ali Pfeifer accusing the USPS of giving me “misinformation “. Ali’s email was condescending, resending me the tracking information from Dec 9!! Is she hoping someone waves a magic wand to make my package appear?

    Today is 12/22/2020. Will I receive my refund or is Ali negating Cheryl’s words to me?

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Geraldine Cataffo

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