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Muddy Paws Rescue is a 501c3 organization based in New York City. Muddy Paws actively partners with different shelters and helps to pull out dogs and place them in their forever homes. Since the organizations inception in 2016, they have managed to help save 3,500 dogs! Their vision statement is to “envision a world in which adopting an animal is a positive and stress-free experience for all, removing all barriers and encouraging adoption as the default option for adding a pet to the family.” Their foster-based rescue is truly living out this vision while educating the community. We frequently discuss how important foster-based rescue can be. Dogs and puppies are able to live in a home environment and receive additional love and socialization away from a kennel environment.

Another reason why we absolutely love Muddy Paws is their transparency with the public. They post monthly and yearly statistics on their website showing real numbers proving the work they are doing and the impact it is making on their community. In addition to the statistics, you can find many stories of their rescues on the “news” tab of their web page. Their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter make it easy to see the available dogs, current foster situations, and success stories. Check out one of their success stories below, Dallas!

THANK YOU MUDDY PAWS for spreading the “Puppie Love” to all the dogs you help. THANK YOU TO EVERY PUPPIE LOVE CUSTOMER for every purchase you have made to make this donation possible!

The following story was featured on on December 16th, 2019. Photos are also featured on Muddy Paws Rescue, courtesy of Rescue Dogs of New York. For more stories like below check out their website at the above link.

“Dallas is Collie mix who came to NY by way of our partner shelter in Kentucky in late September. While we never know too much about the backstories of our pups, we knew that Dallas was, unfortunately, in an abusive situation, which led to one of his legs being amputated right before he joined our Muddy Paws Pack. 

Despite his past, Dallas was a sweet, gentle, respectfully curious pup who was perfectly behaved on leash, house trained and crate-trained. He was practically the perfect foster pup, but we knew he would need a home that could care for his physical needs as a tripod pup.

Then along came Carrie, who had lost her beloved Corgi Emmett to a degenerative spinal disease a year prior. For the last 8 months of his life, Emmett was in a wheelchair. It took Carrie awhile to put away the pain of losing Emmett, and about a year later she decided she might be ready for a new dog in her life. Carrie lived in Boston, but her sister Casey and, her partner, Doug are two of Muddy Paws fantastic fosters. They’d occasionally send Carrie photos of the Muddy Paws Rescue dogs in their care. When Carrie received the photo of Dallas, she was intrigued.

Carrie learned that Dallas was very sweet and good around other animals (perfect for Carrie as she has a resident cat) and a total snuggle bunny. Hearing about Dallas simply made her heart melt. Plus, after caring for Emmett in his wheelchair, she felt a dog with a disability was right up her alley! Carrie filled out an application to adopt and went to meet Dallas in New York the very next weekend.

Dreamboat Dallas

When they met, Dallas was still healing from having his leg amputated so he was a little clumsy, but all things considered, was managing very well. Carrie says he was a “dreamboat” and the rest is history.

When he arrived in Carrie’s home, he walked right in and fell asleep.


Since getting to Boston, Dallas and Carrie have had lots of adventures. They visited a farm in Ipswich, they love going to the beach and Dallas attends a weekly playgroup where he runs around on his 3 legs with all his friends. Dallas even got a snazzy new haircut to celebrate his new life.

“He gets stronger and more agile on 3 legs all the time. He actually is better at running than walking! ”

Dallas, Lucy Cat and mom Carrie love their new forever family and sing “3 is the magic number” together after dinner most nights.

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  • Kristine Boughey : May 12, 2020
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    I am a board member with the Humane Society of Northwest Iowa in Milford, Iowa. Please donate an item for our fundraiser on July 29! We will be having an Italian meal with a silent auction. The money raised will be used to find forever homes for dogs and cats. The shelter is non profit and solely relies on donations.

    Thank you for your time! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kristine Boughey

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