Baltimore, MD. August 31st, 2018.

Hey, you Puppie Lovers in northern Alabama! Are you ready to finally adopt a forever pup of your own? Well, if you’re near Decatur, which is on the Tennessee River just about 30 minutes southwest of Huntsville – Rocket City, if that rings a bell – right off Interstate 65, there’s one special place Puppie Love™ wants you to go and that’s Rescue Rangers!

Rescue Rangers runs a very tight ship in Decatur and relies heavily on social media fundraising, especially through Facebook, to keep the doors open. Despite their fundraising efforts, their Internet presence is very light and they are hard to find. But that doesn’t mean their hearts aren’t in the right place. Just recently, the head of Rescue Rangers started a fundraiser to raise awareness and put an end to the disgusting act of dogfighting. Recently, a Facebook friend of Rescue Rangers posted a grim message about a potentially huge dogfight just across the border in Mississippi that has caused members of the dog rescue community to sound the alarm.

These people are driving the backroads looking for people to sell them their “bait” dogs for $10 a piece, and when that doesn’t work, they’ll simply steal dogs to stockpile their bait. The pet lovers of northern Alabama need to get to Rescue Rangers to not only protect the pets that they have on site, but also to spread the word and hopefully stop this massacre before it even begins.

Every dollar that Melissa Lance raises goes toward caring for sick, injured, neglected and abused animals in need of medical attention and a new home. But we are 100% behind this current campaign to stop this dreadful practice of dog fighting.

Just recently, Martin’s Family Clothing had a weekend contest amongst its locations to sell the most Puppie Love clothing and it looks like Decatur’s Rescue Rangers are going to get a $1,000 bonus based on your turnout! We sincerely appreciate the love and support we get from our Puppie Lovers but you know where the love always goes.

Thanks to Rescue Rangers for keeping an eye out on the pets in our lives and helping to ensure that the bad people stay away! And thanks again to Martin’s Family Clothing!


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