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We are bringing the Puppie Love® to Birmingham, AL because of our favorite!

Our next $5000 donation goes to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. GBHS has been operating since 1883 (yes you read that right…138 years!!!!). In all this time, their mission has remained the same: “To promote the humane treatment of people and animals through education, advocacy, and services” (

GBHS is an amazing organization that does a bit of everything for our furry friends in need. Rescuing from puppy mills, dog fighting rings, and natural disasters, GBHS certainly has their hands full helping the animals in their community (and beyond). GBHS has 4 different campuses, offering Animal Care and Controls, an Adoption Facility and a Surgery Clinic.

Animal Care and Control

Their Animal Care and Control is the largest of it’s kind in the entire state of Alabama! They pride themselves on ensuring the humane treatment for animals through sheltering care, rehabilitation, and adoption.

Adoption Facility

The GBHS Adoption Facility is a 30,000 square foot adoption facility whose primary role is to provide quality care, enrichment, and shelter to animals awaiting their forever homes. The center also runs the state's largest Pet Pantry which provides spay/neuter, flea/tick prevention, vaccinations, and veterinary care to pet owners in our community.  

Surgery Clinic

GBHS runs a Critical Care Clinic that provides spay/neuter surgeries as well as veterinary medical support to every animal in their system.  


GBHS Rescue Stories!

Below are some recent stories from GBHS! The following articles and photos were provided by The Greater Birmingham Humane Society 

Wicket’s Story


Wicket was found in February wandering the streets of Birmingham, matted and with a hurt leg. After medical evaluation, it was determined his leg would need to be amputated and that he was heartworm positive. However, he quickly captured the hearts of the staff, as well as his new mom, Abigail. He was part of the foster-to-adopt program while receiving treatment for his heartworms, and after 10 months, his test came back negative!

His mom and GBHS staff were thrilled. 

Abigail… brought Wicket to visit recently so our staff could give hugs and well wishes to one of the most beautiful success stories they have ever witnessed. Wicket looks amazing, and according to his mom, he is completely happy and content being in her lap! GBHS (and Puppie Love) couldn’t be happier. Look at this transformation! 

Waffles’ Story

Waffles (formerly known as Pooh) came to the shelter in horrible condition and suffering from severe skin issues. However, it was love at first sight for one of the GBHS long-term volunteers. Alex saw past this pup’s exterior condition and saw the loving, hopeful dog inside, adopting him on the spot.



Below is a video from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s Youtube Page.

PSA: Happy Tears are about to ensue…so grab your tissues and watch some remarkable individuals help some incredible animals.


 Thank you to our amazing customers for making these donations possible! And a special thank you to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society for everything you do for pups in need.

Find More Information about the Greater Birmingham Humane Society at the following links:








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    I love what you are doing, thanks to all the volunteers keep up the good work.

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